Apr 8, 2010
New Hampshire
I am a post bac student and have finished all of my bio requirements (my school still runs on the quarter system, so that includes bio I, II, and III). I will be taking chemistry beginning in a couple of days, followed by my physics, and then my orgos.

Although I have another year a half before it's time to apply (yes, post bac is going to take forever considering I have 2 jobs, volunteer, and, most importantly, have to pay for my credits completely out of pocket-- like most of you I'm sure can relate!) I'm wondering if I can begin studying for the MCAT bio and verbal sections (my degree is in English)?

I want to get an idea of my "retention" and how well these classes are preparing me, as well as getting a feel for the test itself.

Anyone have any advice on how to go about this? I own several prep books with practice tests from various companies (mostly Kaplan).