Aug 16, 2019
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Hey everyone. Thanks in advance.

I've noticed many schools have some optional secondaries. Beyond the ones that either apply or don't (ex: academic fluctuations, gap year, etc.) how do I know if my secondary content is worthy of answering them or if I am better off not doing so.

For example, I know not to address the prompts about how COVID affected my application (I didnt lose my lab job, took MCAT last year, graduated in January before this started) because any minor thing I mention would just sound petty.

However, some schools have optional adversity essays. My adversity essay for the schools that require it is iffy (I was super shy starting college because I attended small schools as a kid, struggled socially to meet people because I was irrationally terrified, got over my mental hurdle, became social and an RA and helped new students who were shy like me). It's not really adversity but it's the best I have. Does it look worse to add that or to skip the question entirely?

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