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Aug 22, 2008
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Hi everyone,

So I took my MCAT and got a 32, but I only got a 7 on the verbal. I am planning to re-take it at the end of July.

However, should I still send in my application now or sometime before the end of July and indicate that I will be taking another test later or should I wait until I get my second score back at the end of August. Whatever my second score, I plan to apply in this cycle.


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If your PS and everything else are ready to go, apply now. There's no reason to wait. That way your application will be all verified and ready to go by the time your new score comes out. If you'd like to wait until you get your score before deciding what schools to apply to, then just submit to 1 school first just so your application can get verified. You can add additional schools after your score is released.
The reason it's important to do as MiniMoo suggests is that right now, it just takes a few days to get your transcripts verified. By the end of July, it will take a month. By the end of August, it will take 5.5 weeks.

For now, when you submit, only list schools where their bottom tenth percentile for VS is 7 (per the MSAR).