May 24, 2017
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As I've already received a couple of interviews that are more than a few states away from me, I was wondering when it would be a good idea to start calling programs. I most certainly do not mean now--I had in mind the second week of October. Would appreciate thoughts!
(I've read that many applicants have received many interviews by just calling and is often respected by the PD for showing interest and taking initiative. Please let me know if this has changed and/or is inaccurate information) Thanks everyone!
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Jul 30, 2017
Southlake, TX
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If you have a particular reason for needing your application flagged to a program (eg geographic restriction) then a call to one of the coordinators isn’t the worst thing ever. If you weren’t getting an interview in the first place it won’t help, but if they are trying to make it through a list of folks then the call may get you in the door quicker.

A better strategy might be to find somebody who knows faculty where you want to go and have them call on your behalf as a verbal reference.

Timing is probably dependent on the program and when they start reviewing applicants. Early October is probably fine.

A word of caution: plenty of folks call in to the coordinator and for some reason end up being rude to them. If they say an applicant is rude or pushy or annoying, your file gets tossed regardless of numbers. Please be polite to them (and for that matter, everyone else in your life...)
Good luck!
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Jul 26, 2015
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When do adult neurology programs start sending out interviews for IMGs?
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