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Aug 2, 2013
Hey everyone,
I'm an IMG and will be applying for family medicine residency this fall.

Step 1 score is 213(1st attempt).
Passed Step 2 CS(1st attempt)

I am trying to decided whether or not to take step 2 ck right now(August) or later because I haven't been doing all that well on NBMEs. I really don't want to risk failing Step 2 CK so I want to study a bit more before taking the real thing which would probably be around mid-late September.

Should I still submit my application on September 15th with just LoRs and Step 1 score?

How late can I submit my Step 2CK score and still have a fair chance of getting interviews?



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Mar 13, 2012
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Normally the recommendation is to apply right away, Sept 15. That said, I've heard of programs rejecting IMGs who don't yet have ECFMG status at the time they applied. In this case it may be difficult. Have you tried reaching out to programs to ask a few of them and see? My guess is that there will be done variability, but overall applying early and broadly is still the way to go.