Feb 4, 2010

I just finalized my decision to switch from premed to predent a couple hours ago. One thing that has been drilled into my head as premed is "apply early". As the result I have taken MCAT last summer (was planning to apply this summer). My question is when is it the optimal date to take the DAT, so I will be considered "early" for application?

My class ends at May 10 and committee interview starts at June 1st and last until. I have to sign up for the interview date, I must have the temp test score by then by the time I interview. So I am planning to take the DAT on May 31st. Do you think this will be early enough?

I can take it earlier (I had a 40 on MCAT, and right now teach for Kaplan so most of the material is still "semi-warm"), but this semester is just very time consuming (anatomy stuff and I may get my first B...grr).