May 23, 2012
King's Landing
hey guys. my first post on sdn...not sure if im taking a gap year but i may be,.
I am in the summer before my junior year right now and was wondering when I should take the mcat if i was gonna take the gap year, and when to apply to med school in this scenario.

Also, I am planning on using all the BR books to study for the mcat, and then the AAMC practice exams. is this enough :confused:? people have said that the BR course in cali is very good but i do not live there. Would it be worth it to next summer take that course in cali while trying to intern there or do some work as an excuse to take the course?

Sep 13, 2011
Pre-Medical don't want to wait until the spring before application cycle... you might bomb the mcat.

And don't move to cali just for mcat review... use the Berkeley books by yourself or take a Princeton or Kaplan course in class of live online.