Jan 4, 2014
New York City
I am a current freshman at New York University (c/o 2017), and will be completing General Chemistry I & II my freshman year. During my sophomore year, I will be completing Biology I & II and Organic Chemistry I & II. I was planning on taking the DAT the summer before my junior year (the summer of 2015).

Since I am not planning on attending dental school until after I graduate, would it be a bad idea to take the DAT (and pass it) now if the scores will be about two years old by the time I enter dental school? Also, should I go ahead and apply to dental schools after taking the DAT, even if I won't be attending until after two years?

I'm just very confused... will early test-taking look bad on my application, since it'll have been a while since I took the DAT when I enter dental school?



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May 27, 2007
Seems like you have a very tough schedule. You are rushing into taking the DAT. You can take a DAT after your Junior year if you are applying during Senior year. That is assuming you do well on the DAT. Have you thought about when will you study for it?