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When would you give up?

Discussion in 'Pre-Medical - MD' started by slick27, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. slick27

    slick27 controversial 7+ Year Member

    Jun 1, 2008
    How many times would you apply? take the MCAT? try to improve your application before giving up?
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  3. MILK07

    MILK07 Silence, I kill you!! 7+ Year Member

    May 13, 2008
    I haven't really thought about it, but I know someone who took the MCAT/reapplied 5 times, finally got in, graduated in the top 5% of his class and is doing an ortho residency now. I guess persistence pays off! And maybe the MCAT isn't the best predictor of future success in med school and beyond.
  4. DenaliView

    DenaliView 2+ Year Member

    Jan 13, 2008
    How bad do you really want it.... To every problem their is a solution, it is just the matter of how hard you want to push for it. Sometimes you really need to think outside the box to achieve what you are looking for.
    Also... I think their should not be shame associated with choosing another path especially if it is not a matter of giving up but instead finding something that will be a better fit for you. Our time on this earth is really brief (even if you are the guy that lives till he is 102), you need to figure out what you want to do with that time. Becoming a doctor is extremely time consuming endeavor and for some it really isn't even much of an option, they can't see themselves happily being anything else...if this is you then I am not sure if tier are “too many times”. But if you are seeing your interest shift and you can see yourself happy in another field go for it and pursue it with as much fervor as you are pursing medicine. Be Happy!!!
  5. Karen12345

    Karen12345 2+ Year Member

    Feb 16, 2007
    Nice story. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Hyperstudyosis

    Hyperstudyosis 7+ Year Member

    Jul 25, 2007
    I personally would keep on trying indefinitely until I got in. I'm determined to be a doctor and I won't let anything stop me. If I get rejected, I guess I'll get a job in a molecular biology lab or something like that and keep on trying.
  7. MDPrincess

    MDPrincess Banned

    Jun 20, 2008
    Beverly Hills, CA
    I would apply only twice. If I don't get in after the second time, then it just wasn't meant to be and I'd pursue other career options.
  8. student12x

    student12x 2+ Year Member

    Aug 14, 2007
    I would keep trying til the day I die.
  9. MDPrincess

    MDPrincess Banned

    Jun 20, 2008
    Beverly Hills, CA
    There comes a time when you should cut your losses and move onto something else. One of my TA's applied 5 times until he finally got in this past cycle, but I just think that's a waste of time.
  10. Dazedinvt

    Dazedinvt 5+ Year Member

    Feb 15, 2008
    For me it was max 2 times but I ended up getting in this year. Personally I would like to be making money before my ovaries dry up.
  11. anon y mous

    anon y mous

    Jun 9, 2008
    thank you.
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2008
  12. wonderworld1

    wonderworld1 Banned

    Jun 20, 2008
    i think i would give up once i realized it was just a career goal not a dream, but it would take a while to comprehend this.
  13. Depakote

    Depakote Pediatric Anesthesiologist Rocket Scientist Physician Moderator Emeritus Lifetime Donor Classifieds Approved 10+ Year Member

    I got in on my 3rd try.
  14. MDPrincess

    MDPrincess Banned

    Jun 20, 2008
    Beverly Hills, CA
    Third time turned out to be the charm. :D
  15. neuro1617

    neuro1617 2+ Year Member

    Aug 10, 2007
    I'd like to say that I'd try indefinitely and never give up because it's such a big dream of mine for a few years now, but realistically I'd probably try 2 or 3 times and decide it wasn't meant to be. I'd still do something in medicine though, be it a PA or a nurse.

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