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where and why


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Feb 15, 2000
Houston, TEXAS
    We made that decision 2 years ago.
    The ONLY criteria was PROVEN TRACK RECORD.
    It meant 20-years operation + thousands of doctors already practising back in USA.
    Only (4) qualifies in the Caribbean.
    We eliminated UAG (Guadalajara) & ROSS due to many horror stories + Jurassic Park life.
    St George's were considerably more expensive, and had MCAT requirement of around 27. I believe it is the BEST choice for a man who can handle the drugs & some hardship.
    For a single lady (my wife) we decided that the AUC was the best compromise.
    Well, that is history.
    She is now an MS-3 starting clinicals in the USA. Let's have a big hand for her.
    Good luck to everyone. IMG route is tough, but for the dedicated student, the rewards are there.
    Andre Gurses, PE
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