Where are the 150 free NBME questions?

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Jun 3, 2003
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Friends, I am really pooped from studying and just spent twenty minutes looking all over the NBME website for those dang 150 questions everyone keeps talking about. I can't find them. Does someone have a link or at least, a brain that is working better than mine? :oops:

I will be glad when this exam is over (I think ... hope?).

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This is so annoying-- I finally got rid of all the old copies (attempts at installing) of the program on my computer-- but now I still can't find the questions, once again. All I see is the FRED Install program and the ReadMe text file. OK, the NBME is officially telling me I'm too slow to take this exam :oops: but does anyone have any ideas? All I want to do is see the questions!
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path problems said:
Are these questions the same as the simulated NBME Step 1 exams?

Definitely not. The NBME forms are much much more difficult.
Oh, yes the NBME exams are really, really hard. :mad: I haven't done the free ones and I just did #3. Whoooeeee. Hog call. I felt really caught up short on all the details I have yet to memorize.