where can I find USMLE world?

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May 17, 2002
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Guys - I keep hearing about this necessary resource - so - where do I get it?

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well thanks that was easy enough - i didn't realize it was a qbank - i thought it was a book - anyway - is it worth the money? seriously?

There are a lot of threads on it, I think most people consider Qbanks to be helpful, the real question is if you think Kaplan Qbank is worth the money now that USMLEworld exists.
true, based on what I heard about usmleworld for steps 2 and 3 I really would have liked to use it for step 1 but it wasn't available for us last year. I would seriously consider it.

It seems to be gaining popularity here in the states.....however it has been receiving a lot of very positive feedback for a while on the various IMG-heavy forums...take that for whatever its worth

My plan is to still get the benefit of Kaplan w/ Qbook (<40$) while also having time to work w/ the other major banks (ie UsmleRx and UW)