Where else should I apply? New Score

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Jun 12, 2008
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Thank you for reading!! I do not usually post that much, but I need some help.

I recently got back my new mcat score.

Also, I need some help with adding schools, since my state only got one.

Here is my stats:

cGPA: 3.66
sGPA: 3.76
First Mcat: 26(8V 9PS 9BS)M
Second Mcat: 31(10V 10PS 11BS)Q

State of Residence: MS

LOR's: All right

One year at my local medical school. No publication. Just presented at my college

Taught arts and crafts to children at a church for a semester
Volunteered at a Children's hospital for 1.5years
Volunteered at 3 ER's.
Worked at a hospital as an ER scribe for a year.
Worked as a waiter for about 2 summers.

Member of my college activities board, which helps bring in concerts. Head of security next year.
Treasurer of a club
Philanthropy Chair of my college's Interfraternity council for a semester
Scholarship Chair and Intramural Chair of my fraternity
Activities chairman of a honor society

Shadowed an orthopedic surgeon for about 80 hours
Shadowed an OB-Gyn for a c-section

Scholarship from college
Dean's list a couple of times
Biology and Greek Honor societies

I tried to be brief. I greatly appreciate any advice. Thank you!!

Only school that I got so far is my state med school (MS).I added UTHSC and Arkansas

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Well done!

With a 3.66/31, you might consider applying to some of these, after researching them for "fit."

UIllinois, Wayne, Buffalo, Toledo, Drexel, Temple, Vermont, VCU, Virginia Tech Carilion (new),
GWU, FIU, Louisville, Tulane, NYMC, MUSC, SCarolina, EVMS,
Rush, Michigan State, Oakland (new), Commonwealth MC in Pa
Thank yayaaya. I definitely appreciate it

Any more opinions?