Dec 3, 2010
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Hi guys, I was lucky enough to get into four schools this year and am debating between my top two choices here. I have received acceptances to Nova Southeastern and Boston University. I'm a (Miami) Florida resident but that really hasn't made the answer that much easier.

The interviews at both schools were largely positive. Nova had amazing facilities as did BU. The faculty both seemed very warm and welcoming; students seemed happy to be attending. Both said that if you aren't on top of your work finding chairs can be an issue as with most other schools.

My main concerns are with the school's reputation and recognition. I think everyone agrees BU is more established as a dental school than Nova. This brings up my first question: How significant is your school's reputation as a post-grad? In opening your own practice immediately after graduation? Applying to specialty programs?

Another concern of mine is Nova's ability to produce competent, successful dentists. My general dentist (a UF graduate, possible bias?) whom I extensively shadowed told me: "Nova should be one of your last choices.." "..One of their students told me the faculty does not care for them at all"
To add fuel to the fire, during the Interview day at Nova they gave us a pair of D1s to ask questions to. This gravely limited the amount of information I could get out of them because they couldn't comment on how ready they or their peers felt in actually starting their own clinical work. Does Nova have a high percentage of students that go on to graduate programs or open their own practices? Do you (nova students) feel like you've been adequately prepared? Is there any truth behind what my dentist said?

Location wise, I loved both Ft. Lauderdale and Boston. Obviously I'm inclined to say Nova simply because it's closer to home (keep my friends,close to family), although I plan to live somewhere on or near campus regardless of where I choose to go. I'm sure I'd make friends in Boston, so loneliness isn't an concern for me.

Both schools will be expensive. Nova's tuition comes out to be about 10 grand lower (yearly). Boston is also a very expensive city to live in.

That's about it, I'm basically trying to find which school will be most beneficial to me as a post-graduate. Though it would be easier to pick the closest and cheapest choice (Nova), I don't want to have "I would have been better off at BU" in the back of my head for 4 years.

Thanks for any and all help :)


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May 8, 2006
I know two D3s at BU whom have complained about not enough patients/getting Requirements done.

I also have 6 former classmates at nova dental, they said I made the right choice not going to nova.

School's reputation can be important for postgraduate programs. I've inquired around dental mills and they said NYU grads were the most experienced and competent. With 100% pass rate for part 1, and the top school (in the clinical aspect) in the northeast region, NYU is no longer the "backup school" it was once known.


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May 31, 2004
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Reputation means nothing in private practice. No matter who u ask, dental students will always complain about their school. I went to nova and I purchased a practice right out of school and I feel comfortable. We had t
Dec 3, 2010
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Thanks for the quick replies guys. Phungy, did the Nova students tell you why they didn't like the school? I also didn't apply to NYU.

Omaralt, thanks! I wasn't expecting a Nova graduate to reply. Going to Nova would be a huge convenience for me since I plan to eventually practice in Florida. Does anyone know the process I'd have to go through in Boston to be licensed in Florida?
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