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Aug 14, 2012
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Hey guys I'm a little confused with where to start with step 2 ck prep. I started doing subject specific uworld questions to get ahead for my upcoming peds rotation later this month. I'm only averaging 55% right now and it seems like most of the questions i'm getting wrong are things I forgot from step 1. I did ok on step 1 (230), but i took a semester off after my exam and didn't bother to touch a single book the entire time. I feel like I really screwed myself over by doing that. I even contemplated on taking out my FA and doing DIT, but that sounded ridiculous. Some of the info is coming back to me but I'm still getting stupid questions wrong due to step 1 stuff and it's creating so much anxiety.

What can i do to bridge some of the knowledge gap of step 1 and apply it step 2 ck type questions. any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!