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Which GPAs are important?


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Feb 24, 2005
    Which GPAs are the most important? How do schools rank them?
    BCP GPA, Total Science GPA, Overall undergraduate GPA, Non-science GPA?

    Also, do you think they would count Health Science courses as Other Science?


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    Jun 4, 2006
    1. Dentist
      Depending on the course, I suppose some health science courses are other science. But most health science courses are public health and community health courses and wouldn't count. AADSAS has a breakdown in the instructions on what counts for what.

      The most important GPA isn't set in stone. Every schools has differing systems for measurement. UNLV uses the overall GPA in it's calculations. Pacific has said they tend to look at the overall and the BCP, but that's pretty much all they look at for GPAs. I don't think figuring out which is the most important matters. The fact is that you should try hard in all your classes and when it comes to deciding what matters more, your science class grade or your non-science class grade, concentrate on the science class...but just do your best and get what you can get.


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      Feb 23, 2007
      1. Dentist
        each school is different when it comes to considering the weights of GPAs. there are numerous other threads started that rank schools based on GPAs of enrollees. some schools have high sci gpa but lower overall and vice versa. on the other hand some schools have low gpa but higher DAT scores.

        but to answer your question in a general way, your science courses will have the most weight: orgo, chem, bio, physics. those are what compose your BCP gpa. i would have to say a C in an elective course like history would not be weighed upon as heavily as a C in bio 2 by dental schools. next, would be other science gpa, and lastly overall. in dental school your classes are mostly science based, hence the emphasis on science related GPA.
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