Which Masters program should I do?

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Hi guys,
Ive been advised to do a one year masters and then retake the mcat and apply next cycle!
i was wondering which masters program I should do, some of them have guaranteed linkages!
my mcat is 497 sgpa 3.01 cgpa 3.25 - binghamton university integrative neuroscience

1. TourCOMNY Masters
3.45 guaranteed admission (about 50 % matriculate)

2. Touro Nevada MHS
3.25+ and 500+ for an interview (director said like 80% matriculate)

3. LECOM Erie and LECOM Bradenton
Erie- 3.3 guaranteed interview 497 mcat, usually students are accepted with 3.7-4.0 (not clear about who gets in tbh...)
Bradenton 3.0 guaranteed interview 497 mcat, usually students are accepted with 3.4+

4. Midwestern MABS (1 year)
504 and 3.0 = guaranteed interview

5. LMUDCOM MS in Anatomical Sciences
499 and 3.4= guaranteed acceptance

6. PCOM Philly Masters of Biomedical Sciences
3.3 master gpa , 3.2 science gpa (on aacomas at the time of interview) and 501 mcat (with no section lower than a 125) conditional acceptance upon good interview

7. Barry University Masters of Biomedical Sciences
has linkages with ICOM and LUCOM 3.5 and 500+ mcat just an interview

I would appreciate any help trying to decide where to go !


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May 23, 2020
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The worst thing you can do is rely on the performance of other students as a litmus test to see if you will get in. What they do isn't what you will necessarily do and these masters degrees are high risk. Another thing to consider is that an interview does not mean you'll get accepted. Some schools interview all of their masters students as a way to shut them up and to keep the peace. Tensions are usually high amongst the students and competition is stiff.

At the end of the day, any of them should be fine given good performance. Go where you are comfortable going with all factors considered to maximize your chances of doing well. If that program has a school you would 100% attend attached to it, then that's just an added bonus.

Get a 3.5+ and you're fine with a decent MCAT score. A 497 MCAT score is not great and data shows retaking isn't going to improve scores much....most likely because students don't really study before a retake. You need to fix that and take studying for the MCAT seriously once you're done with the masters.

Keep in mind these degrees are pretty much useless if you don't do well.
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