Aug 28, 2017

IMG here, I am planning to take step 1 on 6th Sept, did nbme 18 in June and nbme 16 in July

I am going to do nbme 17 on the 30th to decide wether to take the exam or push it a couple of weeks to polish weaknesses

Is nbme 17 predictive of the real test score?

I used FA, Uworld more intensely than FA, and Pathoma

Any advice appreciated


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Mar 20, 2013
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What were your scores on nbme 18 and 16? Are you planning on taking UWSA1 and 2?
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Aug 28, 2017
My scores weren't that great in nbme 16 and 18 like 205 probably as I did them in the middle of dedicated (a big mistake)

I did nbme 17 and I got 219, I cancelled my test and now I am going to repeat uworld one more time and correlate it with FA...

Did UW assessment forms 1 and 2 and got 230 and 220 respectively again that was earlier in my study period (June, July and August now extended to September)

Should I do 15 in two weeks and see? I am planning to push it a month so 6th Sept to 6th October and do nbme every two weeks (I only have 15 and 19) left :(

I am aiming at 240+
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