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    so far, I have applied to and am considering the following schools:
    Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel (4 years)
    Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic (6 years)
    Karol Marcinowski University in Poznan, Poland (4 years)

    I will also most likely apply to one or two schools in France/Belgium.

    Do you guys have any comments so far on my choices of schools? Which would you choose?
    I'm interested primarily in international health work. Most likely, I will be a general practitioner, although pediatrics has crossed my mind. The thought has also come to my mind of staying in Europe and practicing there. In that case, the need to take the tests to come back to the U.S. would be eliminated, or if I wasn't able to do so well, I could probably stay in Europe and practice.

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    Sorry, but France and Belgium are just as exacting in thier requirements - if you can't do the US exams then you'll have the same problem with French etc ones with the added language barrier!

    If it was me, I'd go to Poland or Prague. Possibly Poland, because I have a friend doing med there (in Gydinia). And that's my thought for the day [​IMG]
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    First you must decide WHERE you will live & practise.
    If it is USA that you want:
    I think you feel that your MCAT & GPA is borderline, but please apply to DO schools first.
    Then, remember, two years of CLINICALS in USA would give you a great advantage come Residency time, hence a good Caribbean school, such as SGU or AUC should be your choice. None of the schools you mentioned would prepare you for USMLE either.
    I heard the Israeli school is GOOD.
    French & Belgian schools are good, but you must be fluent in FRENCH. Parlez-vous Francais?
    Charles of Prague and Marcnwski of Poznan are recently established, English-speaking schools. I heard ALL kinds of BAD things about them.
    The best school in Poland is Jagiellonska in Krakow; they have an English program.
    Good luck in your studies.
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    It is not appropriate for me to give a name of a particular school that would be your best option. However, beyond what has been given here...

    ..let me add that, a bottom line principle in medical training is to, as far as possible, train within and for the context wherein you hope to serve in. For example,

    --if you desire to practice in a high tech U.S. medical specialty...go to a school oriented for training in that

    --if you desire to practice in HMO-driven US primary care...go to a US school that trains most appropriate for that context

    --if you desire to practice in rural Africa, there are certainly schools most suitable for training in this

    Thus, further implications of this principle of as closely as possible correlating practicing goals to training location are certainly surmisable.


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