Which schools publish USMLE scores?

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May 28, 2017
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Do any of your schools publish these data?

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The only school I think that has any incentive to is RVU. I doubt any of the other schools does so at the very least publicly.
None of them have the cajones to post the USMLE score. A lot of them are still living in denial and don't want to face the fact that their curriculum under prepares the students for these tests. However, they will need to post those scores because DOs will be required to take the USMLE Step 1 down the road in order to secure a residency.
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None. You have to remember that NBME doesn't report to the DO schools. So, at least for my school, our students self-report.

This isn't true. My school knows our USMLE scores.
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Pretty sure KCU was around 224 or 225 average last year.
My school was around 222 or 223 or something like that.
Really the only ones I've heard of, but it's not very helpful because the amount of students that take it vary quite a lot by school and likely year by year. I wouldn't be surprised if our average was lower because so many people "just took it" because of the merger.
My class at DMU averaged a 231. Comlex average was 591

Edit: of 221 students only 150 took the USMLE
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MSUCOM gives us averages for applicants accepted to each specialty (e.g., our students who matched anesthesia in 2016 had USMLE 1/2 scores of 230/238). Don't believe I've seen overall average numbers for each class though.
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