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Jan 31, 2008
Model 2340 Articulator

Whip Mix website: $781.05

Quick Overview

Model 2340 Articulator with Series 2000 Frame and Progressive Side Shift "Accumount" System. The Model 2340 Articulator combines the condylar guidance of the Model 8500 Articulator with the innovative frame design of the Model 2240 Articulator. An interframe distance of over 4" makes the Model 2340 an excellent instrument for orthodontists and oral surgeons.


  • Condylar Guidance
    • Adjustable condylar inclination
    • Progressive side shift
    • Fixed intercondylar distance of 110mm
Advantages of the Model 2340 Interchangeability:

  • Users can transfer mounted casts without loss of accuracy
  • Mounted casts need no longer be sent on an articulator when shipped to or from a laboratory using the same articulator model
  • Reduces the number of instruments required in both the dental office and dental laboratory
  • Instrument damage caused by shipping the articulator to and from the dental lab is eliminated
  • No expensive equipment or time-consuming calibration is necessary with the "Accumount" System
  • Includes Whipmix Adjustable Incisal Guide Table

9185 Indirect Mounting Facebow 34126
Whip Mix website: $375.85

Indirect Mounting Facebows:

  • Whip Mix® facebows provide a convenient, quick and accurate method of securing an axis location without the use of expensive equipment and time-consuming techniques.
Model 9185 Features:

  • Indirect mounting for easier access, increased stability, greater ease of use and optimum instrument efficiency
  • Once the registration is obtained, the transfer assembly is removed for mounting, freeing the facebow for the next patient
  • Compatible to 2000, 3000, 4000 Series Whip Mix® articulators
  • Adaptable to Whip Mix® 8500, Hanau™ Wide-Vue and Modular articulators with additional accessories
  • Comes complete with: Whip Mix® indirect facebow, transfer assembly, transfer base assembly, 8609 facebow fork and 8686 support bar
Adjustable Incisal Guide
Whip Mix website: $137.05
Adjustable Incisal Guide may be moved anteriorly or posteriorly which minimizes having to adjust for the "x" dimension. Incline may be adjusted and locked from 0°-40° protrusive. Adjustable lateral wings establish the degree of incisal freedom from 0°-45°.
Universal Tote Bag

Whip Mix website: $82.60

Quick Overview


Total as priced on the Whip Mix website: $1376.55
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