why do you want to do research?


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Aug 13, 2001
    What are your REAL reasons, regardless of what you say in essays. I don't care MD PhD vs MD. Why, in the long term do you want to be involved in research.
    I'm curios what other people's answer to this would be. Does everybodt really want to be finding new c ures? Is okay that mostly you like thinking, and learning new things, and honestly you don't really care at all how applied and useful research is?


    (this is seriously answering a question, not just a survey) :)


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    Oct 1, 2002
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      First it keeps me sharp in my field. I can be an expert in the latest developments. Second, it keeps medicine interesting. Going out to private practice and doing the same thing over and over gets boring. With research, you're contantly tackling problems and solving puzzles. Third, I like the academic life style. Fourth, a new cure or development is exciting!


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      Sep 23, 2002
        I totally agree with Ophtho. It really keeps you on the cutting of science and allows you to be creative. It's very stimulating intellectually I love science but I also crave patient interaction so the MD/PhD is perfect for me. I have always enjoyed teaching also but I would have no patience with students that aren't interested in learning so academic medicine has a attraction for me. I'm sure there is an occasional med student not all that keen on learning but for the most part they have to be a dedicated life long learner or they probably wouldn't be in med school.
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        Mar 14, 2002
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          Both of my parents lives have been saved by the latest medical technology. My hobby in computers is what got me my first jobs, and saved me from the fate of all of my friends and cousins in the city I grew up in -- dealing drugs, going to jail, having kids out of wedlock, etc. I feel that because of all of my experience in technology and my desire to develop new treatments and discoveries, that I can contribute to cures that will save more parents like mine.

          I guess I have the standard reasons also... I like it, I enjoy learning and pushing myself mentally, I want to bridge medicine and science because I feel there is a need there...


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          May 24, 2002
            No doubt about it, moden cancer therapies are just torture for the patients, essentially poisons; I see the viscera of patients turn to sludge everyday and it saddens me. We need new, milder therapies, and I want to help develop them.

            I am also not really a people person, (but I guess if that were my only reason, I would become a surgeon. JK:p ) I just belong in the lab, I can cut long hours of solitude. I actually love it.
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