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I am concerned regarding my unbalanced MCAT of 506 with a breakdown of 129/122/128/127. I am curious whether my CARS score will get me screened out of all medical schools. I have been looking to apply all/majority DO since before I took my MCAT and was curious if any schools might accept this or if I have any realistic shot without retaking. My last practice FL I scored a 126 for CARS, English is my first language, didn't have the best sleep the night before

c 3.5, s 3.4

ECs: EMT, ER scribe, phlebotomist, volunteer (hospital and clinic), leader of an on-campus club/member of multiple on-campus clubs
- My time as a phlebotomist was working in underserved communities providing free blood draws and free education under a bigger hospital
Your CARS score will not hurt at DO schools, including mine.
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