Will pay for each article you write. Articles on health conditions and procedures.

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Sep 18, 2017
Attending Physician
I am looking for a few good article writers. The articles are to be on general medical topics (like diabetes, heart failure, hypertension, acute coronary syndrome).

The way it works is I will give you a list of topics and then you will write an article for those topics.

-Some sort of medical background (pre-med, medical student, M.D., nurse, etc.) to be accepted.
-Content has to be original and with sources/links that you utilized provided at the bottom. Plagiarism will not be accepted.
-Have to write articles within 1 week of assignment.
-Article has to be at least 500 words and well organized.

*start by paying you $15/article minimum. This is to screen people. You would get a few articles to start.
*If you are good, will bump up rate to $20/article. You would get several more articles.
*Will then go up on rate further ($25-$30/article) from there based on work quality and need (can negotiate number of articles and rate). You would get access to blog/website to add the content yourself.

You can easily earn a few hundred to several hundred dollars every month doing this and it is educational and helps you review medical knowledge!
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