Will they even care?

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    I developed wicked hypothyroid symptoms my freshman year and my GPA hit a 2.5 the quarter it all started. Since my problem has been figured out, I am on treatment and doing better, but my cGPA is still on the low side despite my working hard to bring it up. I wrote about it in my personal statement--but will med schools even care? Also, how strong are my ECs and what would be some good target med schools? :)

    GPA: 3.48 cGPA, 3.48 sGPA (UCSD mo bio major, grad in 3 yrs,taking Humanities at a JC soon)

    MCAT: 29Q (PS 7 :eek:, BS 11, VR 11)
    --retaking Aug 15th...but I'm applying in June
    --didn't study bio or o-chem the first time i took it


    Clinical: Shadowing
    -Pediatric Surgery--2 mos.
    -Cardiothoracic Surgery (UCSD) --6 mos.
    -Plastic Surgery (UCSD) --3 mos. (will continue through this year--possible mission trips to Dominican Republic, Mexico, India)
    *will ask for LoR

    Clinical: Other
    -Diabetes testing at free clinic ~ 1 mo.
    -CPR certification

    Research: High School
    -Bioengineering project
    ---Journal of Materials Research publication
    ---MRS presentation, and more
    -My own project

    Research: College
    -HS research project con't...
    ---oral presentation: Regenerate World Congress 2006
    -Summer Research Fellowship: UTSW
    ---poster presentation (part of the program tho--does that still count?)
    -Faculty Mentor Program/Ind. Research: The Salk Intitute
    *2 LoR (faculty mentor and program director)
    --- oral presentation at Faculty Mentor Program Research Roundtable
    ---Chancellor's Research Scholarship
    -Paid Ind. Research: UCSD Div of Bio Sci (will go through 2009)

    -National Soc. Collegiate Scholars (3 yr)
    -Alpha Chi Omega Women's Fraternity (3 yr)
    *could ask for letter of rec.
    ---Photography Chair
    ---International Chair
    -AED (1 yr)
    ---Com. Committee (designed the logo n flyers)
    -Revelle College Honors Mentor Program
    ---1 quarter so far, will continue in 2009 b/c I'll still be on campus working

    -working out: 2 hr/day, 5 days/wk
    ---goal to do local amateur figure model comp. in late 2009
    ---private tutored since HS, through college on and off
    ---starting with Kaplan in July

    (I write lyrics for songs that my brother writes/produces and design T-shirts...but IDK if I should mention that?) :confused:

    Thanks so much!!!
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  3. WinterLights

    Sep 15, 2007
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    Of course they will take it into consideration. You have good EC's. I would apply to all of your state schools and schools like VCU, Rosalind Franklin, Wayne State, Drexel, and any others that you have in mind. Good luck.

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