Technology Windows 8 Tablet Apps vs Ipad Apps

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Dec 23, 2013
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I'm not all that tech savvy and haven't found much info on this. I have a laptop with windows 7 on it. But I'm thinking about getting a tablet soon before med school starts and using it during school. I know there are a lot of useful/helpful apps for tablets available. I'm looking at a newer Ipad (such as ipad air) or surface pro 3. I am wondering if the ipad apps are also available on the surface pro tablets? Ipads seem more common at med schools and have a lot of useful apps for note taking, pdfs, and flash cards.


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So basically what you're saying is apple has way more apps and windows has few? Seems to be what I've seen from SDN pages I checked. I'm more used to windows since that's what I've been using my whole life basically, but if there are more and better apps using something like an ipad thats also something to consider. I'd also like to be able to transfer files to my computer I suppose to back them up. And having a tablet with a keyboard would be ideal also.
I would would say get an iPad (with keyboard and stylus new trent has pretty good keyboard cases for cheap) if your laptop will last throughout school or you are replacing laptop with another laptop. It has more medical app better annotating apps as a whole and is cheaper. If you are replacing laptop with a desktop or laptop may crap out on you in the middle of your term here get the Surface. It has better handwriting Onenote( which I think is amazing on amazing) and can run as a laptop so yes less apps but if need to run something with JavaScript or need an a actual computer it will run as a computer. But most important to see what your school uses so you don't buy one when you need the other(some schools require an iPad btws)
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I hear at my school most students use ipads, even for exams. They do have requirements, but don't require anything other than a laptop as far as i know. I'm kind of leaning towards ipad. Can you transfer documents from and ipad to a computer?
Just get google drive( already have one if you have a gmail account) or dropbox, or box or onedrive or any other cloud service and you can access documents on any device you want from any device you want
Yeah but ipads programs are actually apple programs, so they couldn't be opened using windows programs right?
I was assuming that by documents you mean like class notes and handouts which are usually given in PDF form and thus are not apple specifc. If you are taking about apps and stuff yeah you can't transfer them over because they are apple specific. The cloud storage apps except for icloud have apps on Apple, Android and Windows( desktop programs that a Windows 8 tablet can run because it's basically a netbook computer) and you can access the same stuff on it.( That's what I'm doing school requires iPad have a super nice windows laptop and a S5 phone and with Google Drive I have all my notes backed up on all my devices) A chunk of the app are the same too just have more variety in apple.
I was actually thinking like windows documents, but yeah that makes sense they use pdfs instead. Thanks for the info!
Ipads also have office apps too (kinda of crappy but can get job done too in a pinch for studying.) Your welcome :)
Onenote on Windows is supposedly superior to any ipad app. I would get the surface due to that and the fact that the writing experience on the surface is levels above the the writing experience on the iPad. The only positive that the iPad has is the battery life which I've seen is 10 or more hours.

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I think a lot of people use ever note for ipads, which I think is pretty similar to onenote. I have no experience with either. I also have windows 365 which apparently put similar programs such as one note on an apple product such as an ipad. I also have to have an ipad for my school, its a strict requirement.
If you have to have a iPad for your school, then why did you make this thread? Were you considering getting a surface pro as well?o_O
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I feel like Evernote is ok(got annoyed with it after day so may be biased) for storing and organizing notes not so good for the creation of notes. Onenote is great(on surface pro) for making notes as you can type, and draw anywhere. Android tablets can draw an type but inserting PDFs isn't as good on my note 8 (August update included inking for android so good byes note) and mediocre on iPad since you can only type. I use notability for annotating lectures notes but Onenote to summarize my notes in manageable study sheets.
If you have to have a iPad for your school, then why did you make this thread? Were you considering getting a surface pro as well?o_O

I made the post before I was given a link to my school's technology requirements page. I tried looking for it, but never got to the right page. And I only learned I needed an ipad from SDN random postings from people who go to the school after I posted.
Windows 8 soon to be windows 10, running on all devices (PCs, laptops, smartphones...). I'd recommend looking at the surface pro 3, it's 12 inch and you can run desktop apps on it not just apps from the windows store. I'm contemplating getting it but I'm waiting to see if the surface pro 4 will be announced. Personally I prefer windows for real work.