Jan 3, 2011

I have a few questions regarding withdrawing after being admitted to pharmacy school. USC is a rolling admission school, therefore you can be accepted by USC before you get a reply from other schools. You are also given 2 weeks to make a deposit after being accepted by them.

While I have no problem paying/forfeiting the deposit I am concerned if there any other consequences if I decide to forgo attending USC after they have accepted me? Does paying the deposit mean I am accepting their offer or does it simply hold a place for me? Would other pharmacy programs know that I have been accepted? Is there any legal binding agreement that prevents me from withdrawing after the deposit?

Thank you for any help in advance!
Jan 10, 2015
this is pretty typical for many pharmacy schools. my friends and I all ended up putting down deposits at multiple schools to hold our places. the "polite" thing to do is to withdraw from your backup schools as soon as you get accepted into your target school(s) so that they can give your spot to the next person right away. of course this can be a difficult decision until you get all the necessary info, like financial aid packages etc. it's fine to pay multiple deposits as long as you're prompt in withdrawing from the places you know you definitely won't be attending anymore.


Deposit means to secure a place. You are not required to attend.

Ask for an extension on deposit deadline.
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