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May 17, 2006
Will it hurt my application if I have no work experience? Its not that I don't want to work,but my parents really won't let me. They think my studies are more important and that i'll work the rest of my life. Do you think schools will look down on this?


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Jan 29, 2006
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If you spent your non-school time doing public service/ volunteer work, then I don't see why it's a problem. Consider yourself lucky, in a sense... many of us *had* to work to pay our way through school. I was always worried that my lack of serious volunteer hours would hurt my application (working 60 hrs/wk plus school doesn't leave much time for other things), but it's all in how you spin it. Don't make apologies or excuses for not working on your apps or in your interview... take the spin that you were really lucky to not have to worry too much about working so you could spend your spare time doing _____. You know what I mean?

Sure, some schools like quality life experience, and some interviewers or adcoms will think that having to work builds character (and, certainly, it does) but also remember you're in a pool of pre-meds, many of whom are in that same boat (no work). Just make sure you get other non-school activities highlighted on your apps. :thumbup:
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