working abroad with a pharmacy degree


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Nov 7, 2003
    hi i was just wondering- if you go to pharmacy here in the U.S. can you take that degree and work abroad- say England for example? I know that a degree in pharmacy leaves someone with a lot of flexibility and I wanted to know if working in another country is an option. Anyone ever work abroad in any aspect of pharmacy or know anyone that has? If you have tell us about it :)


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    Aug 14, 2003
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      While not as great as for nursing or medicine, opportunities
      do exist abroad for American trained pharmacists. The easiest road is to work as a civil servant in an American military hospital
      overseas, or work in an American territory such as Saipan.

      If you desire to work as an expatriot in the English speaking world you will face licensing requirements every bit as rigerous as a foreign trained pharmacist coming to America. Any country but Canada will require going back to school and an apprenticeship. In other words you really gotta want to be there.

      For example, to go to Australia you will need to train into the British system of drug names, pass a written and oral/practical exam and complete an apprenticeship under the APEC rules.
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