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    Dunno whether this has been brought up before explicitly, but here's one for the current dental students and also for pre-dents who have taken tours of various campuses.

    Does your school have...


    Separate study areas assigned to each DS1 at the very start?

    Library carrols or other separate desks assigned to each student (or can be reserved by students)?

    Lockers provided, but other than that, you're on your own to find a quiet place of your own?


    A separate room or cubicle for each student?

    Dividing walls between student operative areas?

    One huge room with many chairs and many students, no dividers?

    And also please comment on how you feel about whatever arrangements there are. Do you wish they would change? Are you happy as a clam? Is it hard to concentrate when you're trying to work? Is it hopeless to try to get any studying or pre-clinic work done at school?

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