Worried about not turning secondaries around fast enough... thoughts?


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May 16, 2006
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I submitted my AMCAS June 8th, was verified within a few days, and then got married in late June & left on our honeymoon. I got back July 4th, with 4 secondaries awaiting me, only to find out on July 5th that my husband's grandmother (whom he is very close to) had a massive stroke. We flew to where she was in the hospital, stayed there for 5 days, flew back. She passed away a few days later, we flew back for funeral services, & back to home, we're flying back this weekend for memorial services. Between that and working full time, I feel like a chicken running around without a head....

I (for whatever reason) applied to 32 schools and have received 17 secondaries. I've decided to not complete 3 of them & have submitted 4 of them (just my part & the money, haven't been able to submit LORs yet - waiting on one!). So I'm sitting here on a stack of 10 feeling very overwhelmed & rather behind now where I once felt ahead of the game....

I'm debating about just sending my LORs out to the 4 schools I've submitted thus far without the last one because I have their minimum requirement (this last one was just an extra from my current employer - I'm out of school). My last LOR should be in the system by the end of the week so the calm part of myself just says wait & submit it once it gets into the LOR service from my undergrad university. Oy....

Anyways... Just wanted to vent I guess... I'm just feeling so freaked out by the SDNrs who are turning their secondaries around in a day. I feel like doing the same, but then again I feel like I put so much time into everything else, why let this slide?

Any thoughts?

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Jun 15, 2006
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The majority of the masses outside of SDN have yet to even submit AMCAS. Trust me, you're still ahead of the game. Don't let that stack of secondaries get you down :).


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Apr 23, 2006
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First of all, congrats on your wedding. :hardy:
Also, I'm sorry for your loss.

Since you have the letter service all set up, you're in good shape. No problems there.
I personally cannot turn around a decent essay in a day. For me the quality is way down if I try to push it like that. Maybe others are fantastic, fast writers. Maybe they are perfect typists. This is not me. It is okay to take a week or so to really bust out a thoughtful secondary essay response.

Becoming completely file complete (Secondary, LOR, etc) in July or in August is completely on track. Since you have a letter service, that will help b/c your LOR's will all arrive at the same time. If they have one LOR, they should have all of them (in theory!).

If you want me to look over a secondary for you (as long as it is a school I am not applying to or a school that I have already submitted) PM me and I will give you my MD Apps profile and my email address. Hang in there.