Worth it to take the PCAT for competetive schools and are top 10 schools like UMich, Ohio State, University of Florida, Uof I chicago worth going to?

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Dec 16, 2020
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I just took a practice test and I scored in the 70th percentile. A lot of my calculus, biology, and chemistry is rusty, so I would have to spend about 3 months brushing up on it. My GPA is a 3.65, which is around the average for these schools. All are PCAT optional and Uof I chicago only has an 82% NAPLEX pass rate, so I"m not sure how important going to a good pharm school is. Pharm school prices all seem to be about the same other than COL in the areas, so price isn't a big factor. I ultimately want to get a residency though, and I've heard going to a good school increases your chances

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