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Worth my time?


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Feb 3, 2009
Jersey City, NJ
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hey there guys,

    I came across this volunteering program that allows me to work with psych patients one on one and help them re-adapt into society. I will work with them a couple of hours a week and help them with their social skills and etc. I already have 3 hours of volunteering in the ER and Pharmacy. This program however is a minimum of 3 months long and it is my choice to extend it or not. I will help the patient by picking them up going to do a activity. Pretty much as a buddy, then drop them home after it is done. I will record any findings and report it on a weekly basis and submit everything at the end of the month.

    I am a neuroscience major and hope to get into Med School when I apply in 2012. I am a junior but had to drop a whole bunch of classes this semester. So I want to show I didn't waste time. Think it's worth it? Will it help in any possible way?

    Thanks guys


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    Jul 27, 2010
      It's absolutely worth your time. There are very few opportunities where you'll be allowed to speak to patients of any kind without certifications. Since it would be a complete waste of time to attain any certifications that you'd probably never use, anyway, I'd recommend you do this and learn something from it. Also, three hours of pharmacy and ER experience is nothing. No offense at all, but I would put that very low on your list of EC's. This psych thing; however, should be at the tippity top of the list.
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      Ibn Rushd

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      Aug 3, 2007
      Los Angeles
      1. Medical Student
        Definitely sounds like a worthwhile experience! If you approach it with genuine curiosity, a desire to learn, and with the hopes of getting something greater out of it, it'll absolutely help during the application process as well. But in order for it to truly help, two more things need to happen: 1) you actually have to get something out of it (this could be anything from a greater appreciation for psychiatry to finding fulfillment in patient interaction) and 2) you have to communicate (in personal statement, secondary essays, and interviews) how the experience helped to form and to confirm your desire to pursue a career in medicine.

        Best of luck, dude! :)
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