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    I'm trying to put together (on our school student website, mcwmd.com) some "how-to" on choosing a specialty. Unfortunately, my survey went out a little late to the outgoing M4s, so I didn't get much of a response. If there are any of you out there that would be willing to help me out, it would be much appreciated!

    I'm looking for students in all specialties, and you can either post your answers here or email them to [email protected] .

    I'll be putting together the site after I take my boards (next week!)

    Thanks! Mark

    The questionaire was as follows:

    What attracted you to (or how did you choose) your future specialty?
    Any websites/books/other things that an interested student can visit to learn more about the specialty?
    Realistically, how competitive do you have to be to match successfully (i.e. AOA, top 50%, alive)?
    What components of your application do you feel were most important (i.e. grades, board scores, LORs, your personal statement)?
    What Third year rotations were especially relevant to your future specialty?
    What Fourth year rotations were important to take for your future specialty?
    Did you do research (or anything extracurricular) to enhance your application?
    Did you do an away rotation (and would you recommend it to others)?
    From who must (or should) you try to get your LORs?
    How many programs did you apply to (and was it too many/little)?
    Any strategies in setting up your interviews, applying to specific programs, etc?
    Anything you wish you would have done here at your time during medical school?

    And anything else you would tell someone interested in your field...or wish someone would have told you.

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