Would it be a good idea to submit my application now?



I'll be taking the OAT sometime in October/November. I've only shadowed one optometrist so far but I am trying to get into contact with two more as soon as possible (I've reached out I'm just waiting for them to contact me back).

Everything else I've already done (personal statement, verified transcripts, etc.). I have one professor and one optometrist recommendation already submitted. I know some colleges want 3 but I wanted to get another one from an optometrist but I can't put down any emails just yet. Would it be a good idea to submit them now to be considered "early"? Or should I after I've shadowed 2 more so I can list those down in the application?

Studying for the OAT has been terrifying and I've been going at a slow pace on top of my other classes. I think if I were to submit the apps now at least it'll give me some much-needed strength and confidence. Any input is appreciated, thanks!
Sep 13, 2018
i'm going through the same thing as you right now! i've already submitted half my apps and will be taking the OAT in november. from what i heard from some schools, you can definitely submit apps before taking the exam. probably would have to check with the programs you're applying to, but a couple of mine said you can email them directly with your unofficial score reports to hold a place in your apps. for recommendations, it really depends on where you apply since some require 2 science professors and an optometrist. hope this helps a bit! good luck with everything!!
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