Would someone ready my personal statement?

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Mar 19, 2023
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Hello! This cycle has been going poorly for me. I have not received an interview invite and it was suggested to me that I should review my PS to see if possibly I did not frame my why medicine well or if my application comes off odd.

You can see my WAMC in my posts. Recap: CA white male, traditional, 509 (123 cars), 3.84 uGPA, 3.95 sGPA, HIGH clinical (I wanna say 2-3k), ok volunteering (200 clinical, 100 non-clinical), 1500 hours as a tutor (college, high school, and middle school students) minimal research (50 hours), X-factor is that I am a director of a psychiatric crisis residential facility for Medi-Cal/indigent patients, lots of leadership.

Would anybody be willing to review my personal statement and provide feedback on how it comes across and what could potential be improved if I have to reapply? Please let me know!

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It still looks like your nonclinical community service is behind par for many schools. Yeah it could be how you present yourself in essays and activities to show potential mission fit. You have AMSA connections so hopefully you can leverage this.
I'd be happy to take a look and give some feedback, with the caveat that I'm just another applicant and not a member of an admissions committee.
Current M1. I’m happy to give PS feedback
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