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Mar 10, 2017
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VTC's curriculum fosters a culture of compassion through its community service learning initiatives. Through their inter-professional learning group projects (IPL), students demonstrate leadership and innovation while making a positive difference in the community. Describe an event or a time when your personal contribution was instrumental to the success of a team or made a positive impact on someone else's life.

My answer:
First, I would use my answer to Case Western's secondary: "Please describe the hypothesis of your research, why the methods were selected to answer that hypothesis, your results and interpretation of your results with respect to future findings.", but then I would make minor changes to emphasize what my role was and how that helped the group. VTC is a research driven institution, so I thought of showing that I can talk about my research. But another problem is that as an undergraduate researcher, I was given a lot of direction, so my work may not have been as "instrumental" as I would have liked.

If it's at all possible to use the Case Western prompt, please let me know if I should delete anything about the background of the research, the methods used, etc".

If this is a stretch, thoughts on talking about how I organized a big event at work, or how I help as a scribe?
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