Would This Count as a Poster Presentation?

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Jacob Saadoun

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Jun 22, 2023
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I am presenting at a school symposium on research I did in a lab at a different institution, does this count as a poster?
I am also going to presenting at a different school symposium on my research im doing in my lab at school would this count? How could I get into more higher up conferences if not.

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Yes these are both posters.

I would not generally expect an undergrad to present at a larger conference unless they are truly hoping to pursue a PhD, and even then at some institutions it might not be possible. If this is something you want you should talk to you PI
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Congratulations. I also am not sure about the context of your question, but if it's for listing it as an academic presentation, it's fine. Even if it's for your regional undergraduate research conference hosted by a completely different university.
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