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I just took WREB at USC this Aug and PASSED! For those of who are going to take this exam, I would like to share some of tips to pass the WREB in my personal experience. First, I recommend to read the manual 5 times front to back. Know all the scoring criteria and follow the instructions. You have probably done many operative & perio & endos in your school so just think that it is just another day of doing your dental work. Here is some few tips:

1. Operative: Select the ideal board lesions for class 2 and GET ACCEPTED provisionally if you can. That will save your time a lot! After that, make an ideal prep for score of 5 first. Then request modification if necessary. The point here is DO NOT leave caries behind for prep check EXCEPT the wall close to the pulp. Also they allow you to do indirect pulp cap so make a note if you think your prep is close to the pulp. For restoration, make a good anatomy, make sure your contact is good, no debonding, and no overhang or flash left behind. Check occlusion too.

2. Perio : Find the right patient!! Read the criteria according to the manual and submit FMX. Make sure anesthetize well on your patient so that you can work without pain to remove all calculus for all surfaces. Do not take a risk for failure. Check, double check, triple check all surfaces with the perio explore and make sure there is no calculus left on any surface. If examiner find 2 calculus surfaces, your score is 75% already.

3. Endo: Find the right extracted teeth, mounted on the sextant, and get familiar with your endo system. Make sure you train yourself well how to take radiograph. I wasted a lot of time to take a right radiograph. There was a line too. Make sure you practice well and measure WL of your tooth with all dimensions. Before the exam, I planned out what bur I am going to use first, second, and third to make a good access. Obturate with the most familiar technique you can do. If you practice, you will save a lot of time. You have about 4 hrs 30 min to start and finish for 2 endos.

I would also like to introduce Beverly Darm who is an experienced dental assistant for WREB. I personally found her in SDN after I read a good review about her. She is such a great assistant who will assist you very well throughout this stressful exam to PASS. If you need an assistant and help, I highly recommend her to be with you during the exam. In case you wish to contact her, here is her email. [email protected]

If you have any question, please contact me as well!

Good luck!
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Apr 16, 2019
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Hello and congratulations!
what did you study for the computer part of the exam?
Good morning thank you for your advises , do you know serious agencies to find patient , I take WREB at usc on June ?
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