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    I am heading up to join WVSOM in the fall and I was wondering if I could get some input about housing. I have the full list of housing but was wondering if there was a place that most students live and how you went about finding roommates. I just wanted to get a head start since they are planning on increasing the class size. Any help would greatly be appreciated! Thanks!!!!
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    There seems to be a large concentration of students living in Woodland Akers. Mega could tell you more about that since she's there too.

    I found housing by coming down here and making lots of phone calls over a weekend. I recommend looking for housing as early as possible.

    Most students don't have roommates. The majority of apartments are one bedroom or small two bedroom places. There's only a handfull of people who do have roommates, and I think they found them by contacting the school for a list of people looking for roommates.

    Also, don't be afraid to look in towns other than Lewisburg. Fairlea and Ronceverte are both nearby.

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