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May 3, 2005
Far, far East
Just wanted to post a little blurb in the wake of recent bannings...

I'm outta state accepted to WVU, and I had the lowest odds for any schools I applied to according to last cycle's 8 out of 900 applicants.

I don't know if whoever was banned was actually accepted--frankly, I don't care. It was my first acceptance, and was I glad!

The school's nice--small class size (about 45), faculty is knowledgeable and friendly, facilities are getting renovated (not that they're bad in the first place).

Yes, WV might be the birthplace of a toothbrush 'cause otherwise they would call it a teethbrush--but it's ignorant to call WVU SOD one of the worst schools in US.

Dental schools are all pretty much the same curriculum-wise, the difference is in the name, board scores, specialty matches; however, you'll still come out as a "genden."

I don't know if my better half will like living in WV (we've lived most of our lives in 3 million-plus cities), but if push comes to shove--it's better to be one of 45 than one of 145, in my opinion.
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