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An urban myth.
10+ Year Member
15+ Year Member
Feb 16, 2000
Thanks for all the kindness! We got married on April Fool's day, 1994, and we completely eloped. A few friends showed up at city hall to witness it, and we both wore Doc Martins. It was the sweetest, scariest, most fun day of my life. I was looking at the pictures yesterday - we both looked so young and idealistic.

Later, in the summer, we had a "wedding" because our folks were so pissed at us for just running off like that. But we did that in a great Scottish Pub. I think (after we called in every favor) we spent a total of 1500 bucks on it. That was a lot of fun, too, but not nearly as much fun as looking into my husband to be's eyes on the MUNI on our way down to city hall. I think we laughed the whole way.

So, we decided to renew our vows this year, and we're doing it this weekend. We rented a house overlooking the ocean, and our friends and family are coming. I'm really excited.

I think we made it this far mostly because we took what we said that day seriously, and because we really, really LIKE each other as people. I mean, we love each other, but he's one of the best humans I know. He's kind, compassionate, funny and brilliant. Marry one like that, and you'll be fine. :D



mid-level resident
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15+ Year Member
Sep 23, 2003
on my way...
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CONGRATS NANON! :clap: :love:

that is wonderful...and it sounds just like the attitude of a couple i met yesterday: married 55 years (YES, that's over half a century) still completely in love and when i was alone with the husband he went on and on about what an angel his wife was, the best person he's ever met, etc. when alone with the wife she said "isn't my husband amazing" etc. etc.
it was very cute and also incredible to see, considering the statistics of a marraige surviving that long.

can i ask how old you guys were when you got married? (you don't have to answer that).

anyway, way to go--and here's to another ten years and beyond! :thumbup:

Amy B

I miss my son so much
Moderator Emeritus
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15+ Year Member
Aug 7, 2000
  1. Resident [Any Field]
Many congrats to you and your hubby
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