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Oct 26, 2003
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I know all you people that matched are riding high, congratulations to all. I was hoping you guys could tell me how you chose anesthesiology, how got into the field, what else you considered, and anything else you feel would be interesting. On a side note, that previous sentence was terrible.



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Oct 19, 2003
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There are myriad reasons I chose anesthesiology. Here's and overview.

1st-I noticed early on that anesthesiologists enjoy their work. They were the ones having fun in the OR.

2nd-There is alot of flow from other specialties into anesthesiology. Have you ever heard of an anesthesiologist quitting to pursue a surgical specialty? The most striking case I know of was a vascular surgeon (15 years in the specialty) applying to anesthesiology at Mt. Sinai. He sited many of the reasons I have and will list.

3rd-Long term follow up is not a feature of anesthesiology in general. Your patients are with you for a short time as far as the OR aspect is concerned.

4th-Many hands on skills required. I like all aspects of this. You are the "access" specialist. When a tough airway comes in they call you. When a vein cannot be found you are the man.

5th- A major part of you job is to relieve pain. Very cool.

6th-When the s&#$ hits the fan you make sure none of it sticks. I've heard the phrase used "long stretches of tranquility broken by moments of intensity." I like that.

7th-Compensation is terrific. This is helpful being that I am 200K in debt.

I hope this helps. By the way, I am a USIMG.

Kick butt on your boards, do a good anesthesiology externship (for those in NYC I recommend Mt. Sinai-they are supportive and your soul job is to learn and observe).

Good Luck!

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