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Mar 26, 2015
- Really like the case based learning and how applied the whole curriculum seems to be
- Early clinical exposure
- Very strong clinical training throughout the Northwell Health system
- Close to home and my support system
- I prefer being near an urban environment
- NY winters are relatively mild

- Newer school, still building reputation
- Many students matching to Northwell/not as much diversity on the match list
- Hofstra as a whole is not as academically oriented, would likely not get a dual degree from another one of the Hofstra schools
- A lot of mandatory classes and activities

- Very impressive match list
- Students seem close knit and happy
- Opportunities to pursue interests or a dual degree in business at Tuck and/or public health at The Dartmouth Institute
- Better "brand name"
- Faculty seem very accessible, had a small college feel
- Overall felt more intellectual and exploratory, students seem to pursue a wide range of careers

- Brutal winters
- Rural environment
- More traditional curriculum
- Overall felt less "forward looking" in terms of medical education

COA roughly the same. Any thoughts?
May 8, 2019
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There are somethings you will personally have to weigh.
-Your support system: Can it be replaced with new people in new places.
-Environment: Are you prone to occasional depression. I am a city individual, I did a program at UCONN health located in the suburb, and I hated it there because there was nothing within walking distance and kept questioning my decision.

Personally, I would choose Dartmouth because the name brings more career opportunities + good match list. Winter is my favorite season, so I don't mind the winter.

Congratulations on both your acceptances.
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I vote for Dartmouth as well from an education perspective but obviously only you know how important the location is to you. If rural snow is a dealbreaker then go to the other one.
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Feb 28, 2020
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How serious are you about a business degree? How well does it align with your career goals? With less focus on grades/numbers in med school now, your extracurriculars and accomplishments during school will matter much more. If Dartmouth gives that to you, go Dartmouth.


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May 28, 2014
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Both are good schools, but do not underestimate location/family support.

I can't speak to reputation, but I can say that the Northwell system is massive and expanding, and I've seen plenty of residents from there in programs all over the northeast. Secondly, if you plan on doing residency nearby your home or at Hofstra, it would be best to go there too.

Now if a dual degree is something you seriously see yourself getting, then that is a major plus for Dartmouth and you'll have to weigh the other factors.

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