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Chances for FP

Discussion in 'Family Medicine' started by unregistered, 10.19.03.

  1. unregistered

    unregistered Senior Member

    SDN 7+ Year Member

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    I am a current 4th year med student at a U.S. School who had trouble with step 1 (failed twice) and was wondering what my chances for an FP spot is. My first two years, my grades were mediocre but my clinical grades have all been good and I have good letters of rec. Just wondering how are my chances for finding a spot this year in FP. Also, I can't start my residency until Sept/ Oct and wondering what kind of impact this will have on my match possibilities. Let me know what you think.
  2. mamadoc

    mamadoc Old Member

    SDN 7+ Year Member
    something like 25% of FP slots did not fill in last year's match, so your chances of matching are pretty good I would think, as long as you choose programs well. As for not starting in late June like most of us poor slobs, I would think you'll have to make that your first step - calling programs to see who's receptive to that before you go through all the hassle of actually applying. Good luck!

    (to find programs that didn't fill, go to

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