1. B

    What don't I know? IM physician, first job in a Skilled Nursing facility in Dallas area

    Hello folks, I'm hoping to get your perspective and feedback about working in a skilled nursing facility on 1099 basis. I'm new IM residency grad and this would be my first job post-residency. What's the salary range for this kind of job in Dallas (read Plano, North Dallas suburbs)? Does...
  2. XenophonMD

    Health insurace option for locums docs (1099)

    Is it possible to buy HI at a reasonable plan (including dependents), while on a locum job? What plans are out there for families living on a 1099 income?
  3. P

    Contract opinions?

    I have been with a PP group 2yrs and it is time to renegotiate in the next few months. The group is set up as a clinic LLC and an ambulatory surgicenter LLC where we do all our procedures (no other docs doing cases there). I will probably do around 1800-2000 procedures for the year doing 2 days...
  4. BIGphysician

    Forming an LLC for a 1099 job, advice please

    Hey everyone. I'm moving on from residency in afew months and I'm getting job offers for either W2 or 1099. At first, I figured it was a no brainer to go with the W2 because it included all the benefits. I figured a massive company would have more bargaining power and be able to provide me...
  5. Chinkley

    Seeking physicians to perform H&P's

    I’m currently looking for physicians interested in independently contracting for us performing, in-home, pre-scheduled history and physical evaluations of seniors insured under the Medicare Advantage plans that we represent nationwide. When performing the evaluations you would be provided...