2015 mcat

  1. chiderachin

    EK 30 min exams (Biology 1)

    Hey guys! So one of my weak points is interpreting graphical data. In the EK 30 min exam for lecture 1, Passage 1, I'm having trouble interpreting the graph. What exactly do the "+" and "-" signs denote? Are there multiple trials that are carried out? I would really appreciate if someone could...
  2. B

    Looking for The Berkeley Review sets 2015 or 2016

    Hello everyone, I am looking for The Berkeley Review sets for 2015 or 2016. I would be willing to barter for them and I will make a reasonable offer as long as they are virtually brand new and if I can receive verification on their authenticity.
  3. T

    MCAT Books For Sale: BR, EK, TPRH

    Books for sale: Berkeley Review (All are the newest 2015 editions) - BIO Part 1 and 2, CHEM Part 1 and 2, ORGO Part 1 and 2, PHYSICS Part 1 and 2 Examkrackers - BIO and VERBAL EK 1000's - CHEM, PHYSICS, ORGO The Princeton Review Hyperlearning Verbal Workbook Next Step PSYCH/SOC Practice...
  4. M

    Retake Ochem 1?

    hey everyone! how much of Ochem 2 builds on o chem 1? The reason I'm asking is that I’m trying to decide if i should retake ochem 1, not necessarily to get a better grade (I got a C), but because if it builds into o chem 2 a lot, i would rather do o chem 1 again, just so I don't struggle in o...
  5. S

    The Princeton Review COMPLETE MCAT BOX SET **FOR SALE**

    Hello everyone! I am selling The Princeton Review MCAT 2015 Subject Review Complete Box Set PLUS The AAMC Official Guide to the MCAT exam. They are in like-new condition, with light highlighting inside. No answers marked in book. A couple of the front covers have scratches but no damage done on...