2020-2021 application cycle

  1. LindaAccepted

    Medical Application Trends to Watch in 2021, and a Look Back at 2020

    Can the lessons of 2020 help us forge a better 2021? [Show summary] For Admissions Straight Talk’s 400th episode, Linda Abraham reflects on a turbulent year and identifies the most important trends in higher ed admissions to watch in 2021. Applying to graduate school: A journey of...
  2. F

    Texas A&M (TAMU) vs. UT Houston (McGovern)

    Hi, I have seen these two schools compared to others but not compared directly. On paper McGovern seems to have the edge while I have a stronger personal tie to TAMU. All thoughts welcomed. TAMU Pros: have the chance to spend 3 years in Dallas (my family and my wife's family are in Dallas and...
  3. sasukeuchiha33

    Retaking MCAT before this cycle ends?

    Hi all. So I'm applying to MD and DO schools this cycle. I took the MCAT twice and got a 505 both times (507 superscored; I have a 3.96 cGPA and 3.93 sGPA) and as such am not too hopeful about my chances, especially with the drastic increase in apps this cycle. My question is this: I really want...
  4. sasukeuchiha33

    Was "complete by Labor Day" too late for this cycle?

    Hi all. So, I was complete with almost all of my apps on 9/1 (a week before Labor Day). Given that the SDN guideline is apps completed by Labor Day are considered on time, I felt pretty good about when I submitted. That, coupled with the delays caused by COVID, made me think that this was...
  5. hopeful_vet2025


    Gonna go ahead and make this for the upcoming cycle! Good luck everyone!