1. T

    3 Weeks On and Off Studying; 22AA 20 PAT

    Hey everyone! I just took the DAT today and I am really happy with my scores. I originally planned on start studying right when I finished the spring semester in the beginning of May, but with procrastination, I ended up starting sometime in June. Along with studying for the DAT, I also had a...
  2. Auntymarkovnikov

    How did YOU use DAT Destroyer?? <Destroyer Review>

    I pretty much just want to see how destroyer has helped different people: How did you use DAT destroyer? How did it help you? After taking the DAT, would you have gone back in time and used Destroyer differently? Any feedback would be great. I am about to go through it for the second time. Exam...
  3. D

    DAT in 20 days please help I'm lost!

    So I'm taking my DAT in about 20 days I'm not sure what I should be doing in those 20 days and I'm freaking out tbh. This is what I have done so far for practice *I took the first Bootcamp exam for OC and GC and I got 15 on both but this was more than a month ago. *I just finished the DAT...
  4. B

    DAT BREAKDOWN 22AA 09/24/2015

    Hello! I've been lurking the forums for the past few months while I've been studying for the DAT, and I figured now would be a great time to post! AA: 22 BIO: 21 GCHEM: 22 OCHEM: 24 TS: 22 RC:21 QR: 22 PAT: 19 Educational Background: I'm entering my final year of undergrad as a Human Biology...
  5. P

    Anyone can do it... DAT Breakdown (AA: 22, PAT: 21)