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  1. N

    DAT Retake, 18 AA to 24 AA: Scores Breakdown

    Hi there! I just wanted to post a breakdown of my DAT scores and some notes in case they help anyone. I took it twice: the first time in the summer of 2021 (between my sophomore and junior year of college) using DAT Bootcamp (Pro, $497); and the second time in the fall of 2022 using DAT Booster...
  2. nostalgicfreedom

    DAT DONE ! 24AA 25TS

    Hello everyone, After approximately 2 months of studying (studying on average for about 8/9 hours a day), I can finally say that I am forever done with this exam! I can’t express how happy I feel about not having to study for this dang exam anymore. Some Stuff About Me (aka not important...
  3. L

    DAT Breakdown 24 AA (Studied 4 weeks over winter break!)

    Hey guys! I’ve been on SDN quite a bit recently to get advice on the DAT so I felt like I should give back to the community! :) I took the DAT last Wednesday morning, and here are my reflections! Some background: I come from a fairly strong science background but finished my bio/chem/orgo...
  4. tarheel2017

    Done with DAT! 24 AA 24 TS 21 PAT. Thanks and Advice

    Hey Everyone! Just got back from the test center and am happy to say I exceeded my expectations! This forum has helped me immensely over the past 3 months and I just wanted to say some thanks and give some advice to others! First the scores: PAT 21 QR 23 RC 24 Bio 24 GC 25 OC 24 TS 24 AA 24...
  5. acemason

    DAT BREAKDOWN! 24AA/26TS (12/01/2016)

    First of all, I want to thank SDN for this amazing community. Without this website and the people, I may not have attained these scores. This breakdown is for all my fellow non-traditional students. I have a lot to say, so please brace yourself for a long breakdown. My scores: PAT: 20 QR: 19...
  6. T

    How I Got a 24 AA in Less Than 2 Months

  7. jws95

    DAT Breakdown

    Hi everyone! I just took the DAT today (7/12/16) and figured I would post a thread about my breakdown since I read multiple of these to help/encourage me while studying! Breakdown: PAT: 21 QR: 22 RC: 23 BIO: 30 GC: 22 OC: 25 TS: 25 AA: 24 Materials Used: KBB (2/5) DAT Destroyer (9/10) Math...
  8. ToothMcToothface

    How I Studied for the DAT (24AA)

    PA/QR/RC/BIO/GC/OC/TS/AA 22/ 22/ 25/ 21/ 23/27/23/ 24 I wanted to make this post because everyone keeps asking what I did, what my timeline was, how practice tests went, what materials to use, etc. and I'd like to just have it at one spot where I hopefully address all those concerns! Warning...
  9. ToothMcToothface

    Just took the DAT!

    I just took the DAT yesterday and I was SO surprised by my scores! PA/QR/RC/BIO/GC/OC/TS/AA 22/22/25/21/23/27/23/24 I studied so long and the DAT basically owned my life for 3 months, but I guess it paid off! I was so nervous the day before and started thinking I seriously didn't know anything...
  10. Dr. Poro

    DAT Breakdown 24AA/23TS/24PAT (Detailed)

    Hi everyone! I'm generally quiet on the forums, but SDN has been so helpful to me that I thought I owe you all one and share my advice on studying for the DAT. Just took the DAT a few days ago and received the following scores: Bio 23 GC 26 OC 21 RC 27 QR 25 PAT 24 TS 23 AA 24 Practice exam...